How to negotiate more money, even during a pandemic

09.29.2020 - By Cooking the Books with Frances Cook

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Each week the NZ Herald's Cooking the Books podcast tackles a different money problem. Today, it's how to have a conversation about pay rates that works for everyone. Hosted by Frances Cook.It’s a little awkward to talk about pay rates at the best of times, but there’s nothing like being officially in recession to make it even more awkward. The problem is, it’s also more important than ever. Whether you’re a contractor or freelancer hoping to get a good rate on a new project, or a full-time employee who hasn’t had a raise in a while, the reality of having bills to pay and the need for a fair pay rate, doesn’t stop. However, we all know some businesses have it tough right now, so it’s delicate. Here’s how to start that conversation, and hopefully find a solution that works for everyone. For the latest Cooking the Books podcast I talked to Simon Rooney from Find Recruitment.If you have a question about this podcast, or question you'd like answered in the next one, come and talk to me about it. I'm on Facebook here Instagram here and Twitter here

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