How to use money to boost your happiness

05.18.2021 - By Cooking the Books with Frances Cook

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Each week the NZ Herald's Cooking the Books podcast tackles a different money problem. Today, it's the balance between money and happiness. Hosted by Frances Cook. I'm a firm believer that managing your money is actually about anything but money. Piling up cash just for the sake of it isn't just boring, it's pointless. Study after study has shown a big pile of cash on its own won't make you happy. But deciding what you want out of life, and using money as a tool to get you there? Now that's something I could talk about all day. The latest research from ANZ shows the sorts of changes that most of us would like to make when thinking along these lines. Especially after the impacts of Covid-19, family is the most important thing for most of us: 68 per cent of those surveyed said wealth was being able to pay for things that would help their family thrive. Unfortunately while trying to do that, 77 per cent of us feel like we could do better with our money. The biggest priority for most people is learning how to invest or save more money, while paying off debt and mortgages is the second biggest area. For the latest podcast I talked to Ben Kelleher, managing director for personal banking at ANZ.If you have a question about this podcast, or question you'd like answered in the next one, come and talk to me about it. I'm on Facebook here Instagram here and Twitter here

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