Increase Your Self Awareness to Decrease Your Golf Scores featuring Thane Marcus

09.29.2020 - By GOLF SMARTER

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760: Thane Marcus played professional golf but his failures on Tour ending up being incredible lessons in his own personal development. In this episode we hear about how his journey has enabled him to write a book and online courses on Developing Discipline and Growing Self Awareness. Go to to sign up for either of these 8 week courses. $150 per course, but only $100 Pre-Order before October 9,2020! Save an additional 20% with “golfsmarter” at checkout! That’s only $80 when you pre-order before 10/9/20! Our next giveaway is for a High Heat 257+ Fairway metal from Deadline to enter is Sunday, October 4, 2020 at Midnight PDT/3a EDT. Enter at Listen for details. This week on Golf Smarter Mulligans couldn’t be more relevant since Bryson DeChambeau has become the hottest topic in golf. Beyond his power, he’s the only player on Tour who plays single length irons. In this interview from 2009 we learn all about single length irons from the founder of, David Lake.

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