285 - Interview With Amanda Tress of the FASTer Way

06.21.2019 - By Organize 365 Podcast

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I’ve been talking about health and fitness on the podcast a lot lately. In Episode 283, I shared my own wellness and weight loss journey. Then in Episode 284, I had my Director of Operations, Kelly Leardon, on the show to discuss weight loss and developing healthy eating and wellness habits. What each of those episodes had in common was Amanda Tress’ FASTer Way to Fat Loss program, which Kelly and I both love. I’ve been following the program for the best part of a year and have seen amazing changes in both my physical and mental health. I’m very excited that I got the chance to sit down with Amanda herself to discuss the FASTer Way to Fat Loss program and to share her story of how she became one of the most successful female entrepreneurs in the country. Meet Amanda Amanda is the founder of FASTer Way to Fat Loss, the premier virtual intermittent fasting fitness and nutrition program. She’s not only a fitness fanatic, but an inspiring business woman who I’ve been following for years (her Instagram profile keeps me motivated!). Before she launched FASTer Way to Fat Loss, Amanda spent years training people in the gym. She experimented with different nutrition strategies and, remarkably, her clients began to see an epic change. She spent a lot of time fine-tuning the strategies until she came up with the best way to bring them together for optimal results. Since then, she’s worked with over 100,000 clients, helping them to achieve their health and fitness goals. Helping others improve their health and wellness came very naturally to Amanda, who always says, “I didn’t choose the fitness industry, the fitness industry chose me.” Amanda and I dive into: How to work from home When is it the right time to hire people for your business? Why do women put their health last on their to do list? In these last 3 episodes, I have pulled back the curtain on how I am tackling and progressing through adding a new habit and mindset to my life. I hope it has been helpful for you to see how I have approached this new lifestyle and can relate that back to your organizational journey. Watching other women chase and embrace their dreams is inspiring to me. Would you like to hear more interview podcasts like this on Organize 365? Let me know! Next week, we will be diving into the NEW Organize 365 Kids Program. I can't wait to share with you the program we have been building for the last year. Sign up for the Kids Program Masterclass being held Tuesday, June 25th to learn all about it! View the full post here: https://organize365.com/Amanda-Tress/

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