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Today’s guest is Jacqueline Lawson from Joyful on Purpose. In May  of 2012 Jackie’s husband Brian lost his battle with cancer and died 112 days after his diagnosis. From the start Jackie made a conscious decision to find joy in the midst of pain no matter what. Unless you’ve been through the loss of a loved on, it’s hard to know how you would respond. Talking to Jackie was a privilege because she wholeheartedly admits to the intensity of her loss but at the same time she does exactly what the JOY Factor is all about- she rises toward the light even when seemingly surrounded by darkness. She reaches in deep and manages to find her own voice in the process. This is a special episode that will leave you feeling hopeful and inspired. Such a wonderful story of hope and possibility. Talking to Jackie reminded me how kind and thoughtful people can be. Despite losing the love of her life Jackie made a conscious decision to be joyful on purpose. We can all learn from her example. She made a conscious decision to seek out joy in her day no matter what the circumstances. You can do that too. Be sure to check out for all the show notes. You can also go there to leave a review! If you have been listening and are enjoying the show it would mean a lot to me if you left me your feedback and if you share the joy with your friends. Thanks for listening and I hope you have a joyful day. “Sometimes your joy is the source of your smile, but sometimes your smile can be the source of your joy.” Thich Nhat Hanh About Jacqueline What began as an online journal and a way of coping with the impending death of a husband and father turned into a mission to share joy with others. Jacqueline Lawson lost her husband, Brian, to stage 4 melanoma in 2012. During the 112 days from his diagnosis to his death, she discovered that it is within each of us to face our days actively seeking joy. Joyful on Purpose was born just a month before her husband died, and Jacqueline continues to live a life centered on joy. She is an ordinary mom, sister, daughter, and friend. Joy is her middle name and she is embarking on a journey to live up to that name by “moving through life and finding joy along the way.” Jacqueline shares her personal stories of joyful grief on her blog, Joyful on Purpose. She turned the journals written during Brian’s illness into their story, “112 Days: A Story of Holding On and Letting Go.” Jacqueline is a writer, speaker, do-gooder, and spreader of joy! Resources [email protected] Other books on grief and loss  

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