S04 E03: Lockdowns, Rentals and Vigilante Issues Feat. Cyrus Broacha

04.21.2021 - By Know Your Kanoon

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On this episode, Amber is joined by the ever loveable but constantly cheesed off - the hilarious Cyrus Broacha, to question and discuss (and destroy) the current lockdowns and its rules, the legality of naka-bandis, property rentals and the rights of tenants, building vigilante uncles and vigilante society members, VIP culture in India, and lots more. They talk about whether building resident associations have any authority to curb someone's movements or rights, the Kumbh Mela which took place in Haridwar last week where more than 31 lakh people gathered, police mentality in India, speed-cams in Mumbai and Delhi, and tons more. Cyrus' friend Cyrus Sahukar sends in a clip of some ridiculous backlash that he has been facing from his building society association as they won't let Sahukar's tenant park his car in the allotted parking. Amber and Broacha help make sense of and break down the case. Follow Cyrus Broacha on Instagram & Twitter: https://instagram.com/cyrus_broacha and Broacha_Cyrus Follow Cyrus Sahukar on Instagram & Twitter: https://instagram.com/cyrus_sahukar and cyrus_sahu Send in your questions about law and immigration to Amber at [email protected] with 'AMA' in the Subject line.
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