Episode 94 - Luke Thurgate, Teacher and student at the National Art School

01.18.2022 - By Art Wank

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This week we had the most fascinating and in-depth chat with artist and teacher, Luke Thurgate. Luke has just completed a Masters's degree at the National Art School in Sydney, whilst also being a teacher so he gets to use the staffroom! That's not all that was exciting about Luke's episode on Art Wank,  we get into the nitty-gritty of his MA, exploring myth, ideologies, semiotics, his exceptional large-scale figure drawings, religion, teaching, connection, and much more... We really covered it all. Thanks for talking to us Luke, we really appreciate it.

The MA grad show opens at NAS next week, Friday 21st Jan, so go see it, it will be amazing to see Lukes's drawings in real life. They are spectacular. 

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