Marx and Engels on Revolution

05.01.2020 - By Talking Politics: HISTORY OF IDEAS

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The Communist Manifesto (1848) remains the most famous revolutionary text of all. But what was the problem with politics that only a revolution could solve?  And why were the working class the only people who could solve it? David explores what Marx and Engels really had to say about capitalism, crisis and class and he asks what still resonates from that message today.

Free online version of the text:
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Going Deeper:
- Karl Marx, ‘The eighteenth Brumaire of Louis Bonaparte’
- Karl Marx and Friedrich Engels, The German ideology
- Jonathan Wolff, Why read Marx today? (Oxford: Oxford University Press, 2003)
- Gareth Stedman Jones, Karl Marx: greatness and illusion (London: Allen Lane, 2016)
- In Our Time on Marx
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