Pandemic Life and Screens: The Battle Intensifies

04.20.2020 - By The Tightrope: Reflections for Busy Catholics

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As stay-at-home orders extend, we’re relying more and more on screens. They’re one thing that keeps everyone pacified, and it’s especially tempting to keep kids entertained in exchange for a few hours of quiet.

There are definitely positive uses for screens, like education, communicating with friends and family, and spiritual devotions, but we have to be careful when it comes to mindless entertainment.

Here are some ideas to keep a balance in your home:

Pray - Pray the St. Michael prayer often. Keep the Rosary going in your home.
Keep to a schedule - Don’t panic if it doesn't hold, but having some train tracks is a good thing.
Seek a balance of screentime - Find other ways to entertain yourself, and your kids will be likely to follow suit.
Have a list of alternate activities for children.
Filter your internet for porn and bad content.
Make rules about screens in bedrooms and in private spaces.
Don’t let up. Be a force for positive interaction.

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