Ep. 304 - Proteas: Protecting These Botanical Shape-Shifters

02.14.2021 - By In Defense of Plants Podcast

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For those with even passing familiarity, the proteas represent something akin to botanical royalty. This family of plants exhibits a bewildering array of forms, lifestyles, and habitat preferences, which is why they were named in honor of the shape-shifting Greek god Proteus. Whereas Proteus was confined to the water, the proteas can be found growing terrestrially throughout the Southern Hemisphere where they face myriad environmental threats. Indeed, the most recent IUCN Red List Assessment has found that roughly 45% of proteas are threatened with extinction. Our guest for this episode wants to do everything they can to help reverse at least some of these alarming trends. Robbie Blackhall-Miles has turned a passion for horticulture and a lifelong obsession with conservation into something amazing: a home-grown botanical garden dedicated to saving some of Earth's strangest and overlooked plant species. Tune in and find out how a little garden tucked behind a little cottage in the mountains of Wales has become a major force for plant conservation efforts. This podcast was produced in part by Mary, Connor, Nathan, Jan, Jerome, Brian, Melody, Azomonas, Ellie, University Greens, Cynthia, John, Ashley, Peter, Cathrine, Melvin, OrangeJulian, Porter, Grif, Jules, Joan, Les, Marabeth, Ali, Margaret, Southside Plants, Robert, Keiko, Bryce, Brittany, Helen, Amanda, Mikey, Rhiannon, Michelle, Kate, German, Joerg, Alejandra, Cathy, Jordan, Judy, Steve, Kae, Carole, Mr. Keith Santner, Dana, Chloe, Aaron, Sara, Kenned, Vaibhav, Kendall, Christina, Brett, Jocelyn, Kathleen, Ethan, Kaylee, Runaway Goldfish, Ryan, Donica, Chris, Shamora, Alana, Laura, Alice, Sarah, Rachel, Joanna, Griff, Philip, Paul, Matthew, Clark, Bobby, Kate, Steven, Brittney, McMansion Hell, Joey, Catherine, Brandon, Hall, Vegreville Creek and Wetlands Fund, Kevin, Oliver, John, Johansson, Christina, Jared, Hannah, Katy Pye, Brandon, Gwen, Carly, Stephen, Botanical Tours, Moonwort Studios, Liba, Mohsin Kazmi Takes Pictures, doeg, Clifton, Stephanie, Benjamin, Eli, Rachael, Plant By Design, Philip, Brent, Ron, Tim, Homestead Brooklyn, Brodie, Kevin, Sophia, Mark, Rens, Bendix, Irene, Holly, Caitlin, Manuel, Jennifer, Sara, and Margie.

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