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What's Simblified about?

A  fortnightly podcast that explains things in the news to help you appear smarter, to an audience that knows no less ;-). Basically, we take topics and attempt to deconstruct them - using generous pilfering from Wikipedia, a bit of humour (that's a flexible usage of the word), Wodehouse quotes and more. Occasionally, we invite guests who know better than us (not a high bar) to discuss fun careers and stuff.

Hosted by three pun-loving madcaps who think Malad is the best thing since Android: Chuck, Naren and Srikeit. 

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Ep. 219: The two companies ...


The world as we know it today runs on silicon-based chips. Your phone, computer, amplifier for planar magnetic headphones, Xbox... Even cars, machines that control other complicated machines in factories, planes and more. All run on chips. But who makes ...

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