The Bunker

By Podmasters

What's The Bunker about?

THE BUNKER is fearless, free-range political talk from the team behind REMAINIACS, the hit independent Brexit podcast.   Every week Ian Dunt, Naomi Smith, Dorian Lynskey and Alex Andreou plus special guests examine the big issues with expertise, humour and fierce independence. We cut through the claptrap, help you make sense of what’s really going on – and give you the fighting spirit to keep on keeping on. Think of it as Remainiacs, just without quite so much Brexit.   That’s THE BUNKER, out every Wednesday morning… or earlier, if you’re lucky.   Subscribe now, wherever you get your podcasts. 

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Daily: The Hammer and the D...


COVID is a paradise of hindsight – a world of self-appointed experts who tell us what should have happened – and sometimes rewriting what did happen to suit themselves. But what about those people who could see what was going ...

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