The Head Start: Embracing the Journey

The Head Start: Embracing the Journey

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What's The Head Start: Embracing the Journey about?

We’ve all had a moment where we arrived at the grocery store and can’t remember passing any of the stoplights along the way. We’re halfway down an aisle and scrambling to remember what we even needed. Our mind is in overdrive trying to sort through our ever-growing to-do list. We’ve been there when just making it through the next task is hard.  But the normal stresses of life aren’t the only thing YOU have to deal with. 

Nora McInerny hosts The Head Start: Embracing the Journey, a new podcast from iHeartRadio and AbbVie, a space to share open and honest conversations acknowledging the struggles we all face, while leaning into the hope and optimism we all share. We’ll hear from doctors, experts, and everyday people who will be sharing their experiences, migraine coping strategies, and major wins, all while building a community of support around an invisible disease that makes every day uncertain: Chronic Migraine.

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