The Meditation for Health Podcast

By Dr. Robert Puff

What's The Meditation for Health Podcast about?

The Meditation for Health Podcast offers quick visits to the world of meditation with Dr. Robert Puff, Ph.D. Episodes alternate in topic to cover three different areas of interest: 1.) Guided Meditations by Dr. Puff help you relax. 2.) The latest research on meditation, showing the multitude of health and wellness benefits, including stress management, which are the reason so many health professionals recommend meditation. 3.) Tips on how to begin or deepen your own meditation practice. This podcast is designed for those new to mediation as well as those who already practice. All you need to bring is an open mind. To learn more, please visit

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Stress Reduction Guided Med...


In this Meditation for Health Podcast, Dr. Puff give a guided meditation to help reduce stress and increase awareness. To learn more about our partner, Metagenics, click here.

The Meditation for Health Podcast episodes: