Episode 1312: The Richie Allen Show Monday July 19th 2021

07.19.2021 - By The Richie Allen Show

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Richie is joined by Niall McEvoy and Ben Gilroy. Niall McEvoy has represented the Irish National Ice Hockey Team for over 13 years. On Friday last, Niall emailed his team mates and his coaches to tender his resignation from the team. In the emotional email, Niall said that he “can no longer represent a country that has approved of the discrimination and segregation between vaccinated people and unvaccinated people.” His email went viral. Niall discusses his resignation and more with Richie.Ben Gilroy is the founder and former leader of Direct Democracy Ireland. For years, he has been a tireless champion of the Irish people. Ben took multiple court actions against Irish banks for wrongful evictions. Last week, the Dáil voted to impose vaccine passports on the Irish hospitality industry. If the Irish President signs the bill into law, people will need to prove that they have been vaccinated against covid, to eat indoors at a restaurant. Ben is leading a campaign to convince the Irish President Michael D. Higgins to reject the bill. Do not miss this show. 

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