Episode 1301: The Richie Allen Show Tuesday June 29th 2021

06.29.2021 - By The Richie Allen Show

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Richie is joined by Dr. Sarah Myhill, Dr Jayne Donegan and also by Gabby Linford. The General Medical Council has been investigating British GP's who recommend vitamins to their patients or who make negative comments about prescription drugs or vaccines. To discuss this, Richie is joined by Dr. Sarah Myhill and Dr. Jayne Donegan. Both doctors have been investigated by the GMC in the past, for simply doing their jobs and putting their patients first. The doctors also share their thoughts on covid-19 and the vaccine roll-out. And Richie also chats with Gabby Linford. Gabby has spent most of the last decade working as a roadie for some of the world's most famous acts. Gabby got in touch with Richie to say that promoters are telling roadies that they'll need to be vaccinated when live touring begins again later this year. Don't miss this show. 

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