Truth Talks with Tara

By Tara Sun

What's Truth Talks with Tara about?

Truth Talks with Tara is a podcast dedicated to helping you know, love and live God's Word for yourself.

With a new episode every Tuesday, we'll pour into Scripture, and answer the questions you have about God's Word, your faith, and everyday life. Along with amazing guests, you'll leave encouraged, equipped, and challenged by each conversation.

Hosted by @misstarasun, this podcast doesn't shy away from God's truth but unpacks it in an understandable way so we can know, love and live for God more.

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Sharing the Gospel with Unb...


Living out Jesus' commandment and great commission to go and make disciples is sometimes easier said than done. It can be intimidating to share our faith. It can bring about fear of rejection, fear of not "knowing enough", or even ...

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