By Pact & Boon

What's Warlock about?

Get ready for an electrifying blend of anime and D&D in this gripping audio adventure! Nova's lifelong dream is to become a powerful sorcerer, just like her father and brother before her. But there's a hitch—she can't cast a single spell. That all changes when she strikes a life-altering bargain with a mysterious woman for power, but at what cost?

Join Nova, alongside her classmates Ren and Briar, as they dive into arcane teachings at the Tower Sorcerer Academy under the guidance of Professor Xarion. However, Nova's journey isn't just about mastering spells; she's caught in the sights of Foundation and their mysterious leader, Diamond. Just what does the masked organization want with her? 

Delve into 'Warlock,' a thrilling D&D audio odyssey with an anime-inspired flair—a thrilling quest that dares to explore: who was the first Warlock?

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