392: With Failure Comes Success with Serial Entrepreneur Charisse McCoy [High Performing Women Series]

10.24.2019 - By The BizChix Podcast: Female Entrepreneurs | Women Small Business | Biz Chix

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Do you know anyone who owns their own business and hasn’t failed in one way or another? Me neither. It’s how you deal with failure that will either make or break your business. It doesn’t get any easier when you aren’t surrounded by people who understand what it’s like to own a business either. In this episode, we speak to serial entrepreneur, the lovely and larger than life, Charisse McCoy who came from humble beginnings to forge her own business empire. Charisse has owned a mailing company, collection agency, consulting firm and residential care facilities and lately, she’s trying her hand as a software developer. She absolutely loves to teach others the empowerment that comes with self-employment and being a hands-on mom. Charisse formed Mom-e-Preneurs with the sole aim of supporting work at home moms of any age and ethnicity. While running a successful consulting business, raising a young family of her own, caring for disenfranchised children and intellectually disabled adults, Charisse has found time to follow her passion for writing and has released her first book: My Work At Home Mom.  So, if you’ve encountered failure and you’re looking for a little inspiration to get you back on the right track, or you’re just interested to hear some insightful stories from one of the most engaging and smart entrepreneurs out there, then make sure you tune in! In this episode, we discuss: The rise of introverts within business How Charisse succeeded in her early career When she realised it was time to start her own business How she turned her first major failure into success The quote that inspires her each day    Join the BizChix Community Connect With Charisse McCoy Website LinkedIn Facebook Email: [email protected] Books, Tools or Events Mentioned: CEOCHIX Masterminds My Work At Home Mom Listen to Stacking Your Team Work with Us: One Day Mastermind GrowthChix Accelerator Program ProfitChix Mastermind CEOCHIX Mastermind Strategy Session Join the BizChix Community This episode was first published at BizChix.com/392. Subscribe to our sister podcast, Stacking Your Team, on your podcast app or listen at bizchix.com/category/team/.

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