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07.06.2021 - By Inspirational Living: Life Lessons for Success & Happiness

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Listen to episode 590 of the Inspirational Living Podcast: You Were Made for Greatness. Edited and adapted from The Cause of Failure and How to Overcome It by Thomas Z. Davis. Inspirational Podcast Excerpt: There is no bigger shirker than the person who never does anything to help answer their own prayers. Opportunity is the gate that points to the way of success. If we would win the race of life that leads to the way of success, we must open the gate of opportunity ourselves. If the gate stood always open, it would not be doing the service of a gate. If passage through the gateway were perfectly free and unobstructed, then the one who passes in would have no more credit than the one who chooses to remain without. But that is not the case. To the woman and man who overcomes barriers and surmounts obstacles, we take off our hats and acknowledge them as a victor. A gate then is a barrier to only those who would not try to push aside the barrier or overcome obstacles. And the gate of opportunity is shown to anyone with an honest purpose who asks the way to success. It is thus yours to open. Will you do it? ------- Get the best of our podcast in book form by visiting: Get our podcast with full transcripts and without ads by visiting:

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