You're Not Behind in Life with Stephanie May Wilson

06.07.2022 - By Truth Talks with Tara

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You're minding your business, scrolling on Instagram, or shuffling through your text messages, and BAM. Another friend is engaged. Another friend just got married. Someone else got a promotion. Someone else reached x amount of followers on Instagram. You're happy for them, but you wonder, "What about me? Am I behind in life? Should I be where they are?"   You're not alone if you've had those thoughts. That's why my friend, Stephanie May Wilson of Girls Night, is joining us on the show today to encourage us in this: You are not behind in life. You can have purpose here and now. God is still good and He has never and will never let you down. He is worthy to be trusted.   Sign up for "Love Your Single Life" Course, open for an extra session right now - June 7th through June 9th! This is a step by step plan to savor, enjoy, and truly make the most of their single lives — while setting yourself up for amazing relationships and someday, marriage, in the future. Use my link: What you get from the course: - 17 easy to follow video lessons - 7 hours of bonus videos about sex, friendship, online dating, and more - A journaling workbook to really dive deep into the course materials - A private community with likeminded women that are going through the course If you missed the window to sign up, stay tuned on Stephanie's Instagram for the other two dates during the year, spring and fall.   Follow and connect with Tara on: Instagram: Website:

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