125: Boarding School, Murder Documentaries, and Lindsie's Cheesesteak Journey

10.08.2020 - By Coffee Convos Podcast with Kail Lowry & Lindsie Chrisley

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This week's episode of Coffee Convos has a lot of twists and turns! Kail and Lindsie start off by talking more about Provo Canyon School, after Kat Von D recently spoke about her time there.  And Lindsie finally watched American Murder on Netflix, and she has a lot of thoughts on the details. Kail hasn't gotten a chance to watch, but Lindsie just can't wait! The girls talk about the details of the case, and raise their own questions about the murder. Plus Lindsie is still dreaming about the cheesesteak she is going to eat in Philly, but she learned some surprising news lately about an iconic restaurant she wanted to go to. All this, plus Kail's kids make a surprise visit, on this week's episode of Coffee Convos!

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Music by Nathaniel Wyvern.
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