Boring Books for Bedtime

By Sharon Handy

What's Boring Books for Bedtime about?

Boring Books for Bedtime is a weekly podcast created for people who have trouble relaxing, shutting off that chattering brain, and getting to sleep.

Each episode is a reading of something that's rather boring, read in a rather boring way, to give your active mind something to focus on so you can just chill out and get some rest for once. Think relaxation, meditation, restfulness, and a touch of ASMR for those that dig that sort of thing.

All readings are taken from works in the public domain. If you'd like to suggest a copyright-free reading, catch us on Twitter @boringbookspod or on our Patreon. Just look for Boring Books for Bedtime. Enjoy!

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US Internal Revenue Service...


Let’s relax with one of the dullest things ever read on this podcast. Like all IRS Publications, it's 50% information, 50% references to other publications, and 100% mind-numbing boredom. Which is why you're here, after all. Enjoy! Want to support ...

Boring Books for Bedtime episodes: