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169: Breaking the Taboo of Talking About Money with Friends, Family, and Bosses with Erin Lowry from Broke Millennial

02.08.2021 - By BiggerPocketsPlay

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It’s not always comfortable talking about money, especially with close friends, family members, partners, or even bosses. How did salary, savings, and investing become such a taboo subject to talk about? With us today is Erin Lowry aka Broke Millennial, you may recognize her voice from episode 24 and 81 of the BiggerPockets Money Podcast. 

Erin paints a picture that many of us can relate to: you’re at a birthday dinner and you order a small side and a water while the rest of your party orders $60 sushi rolls and $70 steaks. At the end of the night, what always happens? The bill gets split evenly. Now you’re stuck with a $60 total (and tip) when you only ate $10 worth of food. So what do you do, throw a temper tantrum and leave? Of course not!

It can be hard to match spending habits of friends and family if they make more than you (or are just more casual with their spending). Having frank conversation with these important people in your lives can not only help foster a healthy relationship, it can also put you in a position where you don’t feel resentment in the future. Don’t know how to have these conversations? No worries! Erin has a template for you!

You’re not just talking about money with your friends and family, you’re also talking about it with your coworkers and bosses. How often should you ask for a raise, when is a raise earned, how do you ensure that you’re rewarded for your hard work? These can all be very tricky questions to answer. Through some research, metric tracking, and proper planning, Erin shows exactly when to go to your boss to ask for a raise, how much is reasonable, and how to assess your value within the company.

In This Episode We Cover

Why talking about money with those close to you doesn’t need to feel uncomfortable 

Why “money talks” are often viewed as taboo in today’s society 

How to talk about money with your friends, family, and partner

Setting boundaries early for healthier relationships

Starting a “friend fund” and offering less costly alternatives 

When the best time to ask for a raise is

Comparing your salary or compensation vs. industry averages 

Showcasing your value to your employer or client

And So Much More!

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