Cooking with Bruce and Mark

By Bruce Weinstein & Mark Scarbrough

What's Cooking with Bruce and Mark about?

Join Bruce Weinstein, the chef, and Mark Scarbrough, the writer, as they work their way through recipes and culinary myths. Every Tuesday, they debunk a culinary cliché or outright lie in short, funny episodes. Every Friday, Mark tackles a different recipe, either original to this podcast or one they've published before. After twenty-seven cookbooks, the writer doesn't cook anymore. Or didn't--until now. With Bruce over his shoulder, Mark stands in the kitchen and cooks. This isn't talking. It's cooking. Under pressure. Will it work out? Will the writer actually become a decent cook? Will they stayed married? Listen and find out. And get some terrific cooking know-how along the way.

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How To Freshen Up Take-Out:...


We've got a three-part series on how to freshen up take-out. Listen, we're all doing it more, whether it's because of Covid or busy lives or the many services that now deliver right to our doors. But let's face it: ...

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