Exploring Human Design with Shayna Cornelius & Dana Stiles

07.22.2022 - By Redefining Yoga

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Join Lara for a conversation with Shayna Cornelius & Dana Stiles, co-founders of DayLuna, to talk about all things human design. Human design is a synthesis of ancient modalities with modern science. It allows you to see what your energetic aura or energetic body looks like and how it operates in the world around you to experience less resistance, more abundance, and more expansion. You can think of your energetic body like a car. And human design is saying, here's the manual for your car. There are five overall types of human design. Your type describes your energetic aura. These five types each have a specific way that they're designed to use their energy at a specific amount of energy. Learn more about your human design so that you can make decisions to guide you down your life path to living your purpose and to being the energy you are here to be in the world. Take a listen to learn more!
In this episode, you’ll learn:How human design interacts with the nature versus nurture perspective on life.About the five types of human design: manifestor, manifesting generator, generator, projector, and reflector.What is authentic for you? How do you know what that is? How do you navigate it? How do you find it and recreate it as life twists and turns?
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