Fancy B. vs George

08.09.2021 - By Bad Friends

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00:39 Bobby is working on impressions
03:49 Asian prince born to the Royal Family
07:56 Fart Bubbles
13:26 Bobby pretends to be dead at home and nobody cares
15:28 Rudy's boyfriend update
22:21 Are movie theaters going to disappear?
23:31 Lollapalooza and Jake Duby
29:43 Rudy sings Nirvana and Bobby keeps doing impressions
31:13 Bobby apologizes to China
37:00 Bobby speaks to the woke generation about his comedy
41:00 The Philippines won their first gold medal
44:32 Fancy B vs George IG battle
49:24 Andrew's raccoon poop problem and Ari Shaffir's poop prank on bobby
53:23 Rudy's PSA and the filipino language
56:12 "Don't Do" and the Korean kite
01:00:19 Bobby's 50th birthday party submissions
01:08:06 Salamat sa pagiging masamang kaibigan
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