How To Create A Mindful Closet (And Discover Clothes You Truly Love): Voices 53

10.02.2020 - By The Mom Hour

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As moms, our bodies change a lot and we don't always feel like we have permission to invest in our personal style, but what we wear makes a huge difference in how we feel. After Meagan said this to Sarah recently, she decided to call on personal stylist Dacy Gillespie for help...and you get to listen in! Dacy is creator of The Mindful Closet, where she offers both one-on-one personal styling and shopping services, as well as courses and information on editing your closet, shopping more mindfully and creating a look that is really you. And, as Dacy shows us in this episode, we don't have to spend a lot of money to pare down our wardrobes and add new pieces more mindfully. Dacy also teaches us how to shop online more successfully and offers closet organization tips to make getting dressed easier.

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