#380: How To Have Honest Conversations With Your Kids About Sex

09.27.2021 - By Java with Juli

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How do you create an environment in your home where your kids feel OK talking about sex? When they struggle, how do you protect their privacy and still get support from other parents? And how do share your own brokenness with them as you begin to have real conversations? This parenting thing isn't easy. We want to help. Grab your Java and join us! Guests: Jonathan Daugherty and John Fort from Be Broken Ministries Show Notes: Check out the Wisephone by Techless at https://techless.com Honest Talk by John Fort* Hear Jonathan's testimony, #175: When Men Are Addicted to Porn, Pt 1 – available from the archive through Oct. 30. Listen now! Hear John's testimony, #283: I Was The Abuser –  available from the archive through Oct. 30. Listen now! Seven Reasons Kids Turn to Porn & What You Can Do About It (the AI blog) Follow Authentic Intimacy on: Instagram: @authenticintimacy Facebook: @authenticintimacy Follow Juli on Twitter @DrJuliSlattery   *This is an affiliate link. AI may earn referral fees from qualifying purchases.

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