In-N-Out Burgers with a Side of Anarcho-Tyranny

10.20.2021 - By The Charlie Kirk Show

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You may not know it, but we no longer live in a republic. We live in an Anarcho-Tyranny and what just happened in a showdown between San Francisco health tyrants and a California-based fast food restaurant made it all very clear: the America we once knew is on life support. Charlie walks through the fast food fight against fascism while highlighting the general lawlessness that's allowed to stand while real Americans who just want to live in an ordered and just society are made to suffer at the hands of the state are crushed by the boot of the Biden Regime and their cronies. And before the end of the episode, Charlie is joined by Author of the new book 'Is Atheism Dead?,' Eric Metaxas, to highlight a story from a train ride in Pennsylvania that should make every single American sick to their stomach. 

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