JF2433: Three Strategies to Find Off-Market Apartment Deals | Midweek Mashup with Theo Hicks

05.01.2021 - By Best Real Estate Investing Advice Ever

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James shares a strategy to get in touch with sellers, to work directly with them, and get at a good price per door. Dylan explains where he buys his list, how he finds owner contact information, and how the conversation goes. Lastly, Cory goes into detail on the importance of creating the right marketing piece that addresses the owner’s pain point. He talks about tactics and provides a very unique twist on the direct mailer.   James Condasami Real Estate Background: Found two at the time of the interview off-market, apartment opportunities, one, 45 units, another 174 units. Dylan Borland Real Estate Background: He does differently that allows him to generate more off-market apartment leads.  Their firm does 106 and flips a year on the single-family side.  Click here to know more about our sponsors RealEstateAccounting.co thinkmultifamily.com/coaching  Best Ever Tweet: “Once you do enough marketing, you build a relationship with them and they are able to trust you.”- James Condasami

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