111 Journal Club Monthly August 2020

09.09.2020 - By Simulcast

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This month we discussed “Leung, J.S., Brar, M., Eltorki, M. et al. Development of an in situ simulation-based continuing professional development curriculum in pediatric emergency medicine. Adv Simul 5, 12 (2020). 

Ben and I recap on the paper and the online discussion, Including the expert contributions from James Leung, the first author 

An we reviewed 3 extra papers – two looking at different ways healthcare simulation has been adapted to deal with the pandemic. 

Dubé, M., Kaba, A., Cronin, T. et al. COVID-19 pandemic preparation: using simulation for systems-based learning to prepare the largest healthcare workforce and system in Canada. Adv Simul 5, 22 (2020). 

Cheng, A., Kolbe, M., Grant, V. et al. A practical guide to virtual debriefings: communities of inquiry perspective. Adv Simul 5, 18 (2020). 


And one looking at how bomb defusal can help interprofessional learning ! 

Tidbury L, Jarvis K, Bridge P. Initial evaluation of a virtual reality bomb-defusing simulator for development of undergraduate healthcare student communication and teamwork skills BMJ Simulation and Technology Enhanced Learning 2020;6:229-231. 


And finally – Ben gave us an invitation for the September Journal Club. 

Calhoun, Aaron W. Pian-Smith, May. Shah, Anjan et. al. Guidelines for the Responsible Use of Deception in Simulation, Simulation in Healthcare: The Journal of the Society for Simulation in Healthcare: August 2020 - Volume 15 - Issue 4 - p 282-288 


Please come along and join the conversation … 




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