Lewis Black's Rantcast

Lewis Black's Rantcast

By Lewis Black


What's Lewis Black's Rantcast about?

Lewis Black has some things to get off his chest! With his weekly podcast "Lewis Black’s Rantcast," the Grammy-winning comedian does just that. Channeling his anger in ways only a man who’s devoted his entire life to ranting can do. The tirades are sometimes big, other times small, yet they are always fun-spirited and truly hilarious. No topic is safe from Black’s trademark style of comedic yelling and animated finger-pointing. Skewering anything and anyone that gets under his skin. On the "Rantcast," Black isn’t the only person getting things off his chest, each week Lewis allows fans to submit their gripes so he can commiserate in their frustrations. Black’s long career includes movie roles in Accepted, the voice of Anger in the Pixar’s "Inside Out," and is currently the longest-running correspondent on Comedy Central’s "The Daily Show."

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