12 Minute Meditation: Foster Self-Acceptance with Cheryl Jones

12.30.2021 - By 12 Minute Meditation

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This week, Cheryl Jones leads us in a practice to foster self-acceptance—another of our top guided meditations of 2021. Mindfulness meditation involves a willingness to be with ourselves as we are. It offers a way of learning to work with ourselves, and not on ourselves, especially if you are healing from perfectionism. We can start to notice whatever is happening within us and around us with curiosity and kindness. Cheryl Jones is a certified Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction instructor and author who provides mindfulness training to businesses, organizations, retreat centers, and more. You can find the full list of top 10 guided meditations from 2021 at mindful.org. Show notes: The Top 10 Guided Meditations of 2021 More from Cheryl Jones on mindful.org thrivingwithcheryljones.com  

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