Old Fashioned On Purpose

By Jill Winger

What's Old Fashioned On Purpose about?

Have you felt it? Something is rippling through humanity at this moment. It's a stirring... a longing... a remembering. A sense that we are more capable than we’ve been led to believe. We want to feel alive, not sedated.. but we've lost our way. We've traded a life intertwined with nature for asphalt and artificial lights. We've swapped natural movement for a sedentary existence. We've given up food from the earth in favor of food from the factory. We've sacrificed our traditional skillsets for apps and gadgets. But while our overdose on modernity may have made us sick, there is an antidote. Join best-selling author and mentor, Jill Winger, each week as she digs into a different facet of the old-fashioned on purpose lifestyle.

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S13 E20: How to Find Your D...


They're two of the most burning questions in the homestead world right now: "How do I find land?" and "How can I make money from my land?" In the current economy, this can feel like an impossible task. Today I'm ...

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