3 Opioid Myths

02.07.2022 - By The Carlat Psychiatry Podcast

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The pharmaceutical industry created 3 myths around opioids: “Pain as the fifth vital sign,” the less-than-1% rate of addiction, and the diagnosis of pseudoaddiction. Inside, we look at what is true and what is exaggeration in these claims.CME: Take the CME Post-Test for this episode (www.thecarlatreport.com/podcastcme)Published On: 02/07/2022Duration: 17 minutes, 07 secondsRelated Article: “When Further Medication Trials Seem Futile (https://www.thecarlatreport.com/the-carlat-psychiatry-report/when-further-medication-trials-seem-futile/),” The Carlat Psychiatry Report, June/July 2020Earn CME credits for this episode through the link in the podcast notes, and if you haven’t subscribed to the online issue give us a try, and take $30 off your first year’s subscription with the promo code PODCAST. Your support helps us operate free of industry influence.Chris Aiken, MD, and Kellie Newsome, PMHNP, have disclosed no relevant financial or other interests in any commercial companies pertaining to this educational activity.

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