Overcoming the skill silos in backend Agile and Scrum teams | Alex Gbaguidi

10.26.2021 - By Scrum Master Toolbox Podcast: Agile storytelling from the trenches

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Read the full Show Notes and search through the world’s largest audio library on Scrum directly on the Scrum Master Toolbox Podcast website: http://bit.ly/SMTP_ShowNotes. When you are the Scrum Master in the backend team, and you understand that your team cannot deliver anything without other teams, what do you do? In this episode, we explore Alex’s story, and learn what he applied to align different teams that were organized around skill silos.  Featured Book of the Week: The 5 Dysfunctions of a Team by Lencioni Alex shares with us a new edition of The 5 Dysfunctions of a Team by Lencioni, this is the Manga version of the book. As Alex puts it: the perfect edition for the visual learners among us.  In this segment, we also refer to the Fixing Your Scrum by Ryan Ripley et al. How can Angela (the Agile Coach) quickly build healthy relationships with the teams she’s supposed to help? What were the steps she followed to help the Breeze App team fight off the competition? Find out how Angela helped Naomi and the team go from “behind” to being ahead of Intuition Bank, by focusing on the people! Download the first 4 chapters of the BOOK for FREE while it is in Beta! About Alex Gbaguidi Alex is an experienced agile practitioner, coach and trainer with twenty years of experience in IT consulting. He is passionate about helping teams discover the best ways of working adapted to their context. He’s worked in many different types of industries (Telecoms, Energy, Finance or Aeronautics) and provides training on many agile frameworks and practices all around the world in French & English. You can link with Alex Gbaguidi on LinkedIn and connect with Alex Gbaguidi on Twitter.  You can join Alex Gbaguidi’s Agile Africa community.

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