Parks and Recollection

Parks and Recollection

By Team Coco and Stitcher

TV & FilmComedy

What's Parks and Recollection about?

Treat yo’ self! Join Jim O’Heir - a.k.a. Jerry Gergich - and writer Greg Levine as they *literally* break down every episode of Parks and Recreation. From Ron Swanson’s love of various meats to Leslie Knope’s unwavering commitment to the people of Pawnee (and waffles), each week Jim and Greg relive their municipal glory days with exclusive behind-the scenes stories from the set and writers’ room. And along the way, they’re joined by cast members, writers, and friends of the show - people like Adam Scott, Rob Lowe, Aisha Muharrar, and Jon Glaser. Whether this is your first time watching or you feel like a Parks Department regular, grab your favorite Sweetums snack and let DJ Roomba drop the beat!

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Parks and Recollection episodes: