Point of Origin

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What's Point of Origin about?

Point of Origin is a podcast about the world of food, worldwide. From the makers of Whetstone Magazine. Each week we travel to the countries, cultures and culinary traditions that gave birth to what we eat and drink. The in-depth conversations and field recording are augmented by new explorations of ingredients and dishes in the context of their culture of origin. In addition to taking listeners around the globe, whether it’s to Indonesia for coffee or India for turmeric, the show’s mission is also to elevate the voices of indigenous people and women of color. Point of Origin is about deepening our understanding by going to the source, as the study of food, of its past and present, teaches us who we are and how we came to be.

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Food Apartheid: (And Why We...


Point of Origin friends this is our last episode of the season and a very special one to capstone the season. Today we’re talking about justice in food systems, its absence within those systems and the circumstances that lead to ...

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