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What's Probing Ancient Aliens about?

The History Channel's Ancient Aliens is a divisive show, to say the least, but science (and sci-fi) obsessed nerds, Steve & Joey, are exploring each episode of everyone’s favorite show about Ancient Astronaut Theory with equal parts love and well as the quirky researchers and experts that evangelize it. What has mainstream science debunked about Ancient Aliens in the years since it premiered? And what mysterious aspects of humanity’s origins are still best explained by theorists like Georgios Tsoukalos, Erich von Daniken, and the rest of this passionate crew of explorers?

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The Shadow People - S18E8


Hold on to your sleep paralysis - we got ourselves a ghost show, baby! Ancient Aliens delves into the into the true-blue world of the paranormal with this episode - and we’re here for it! What are Shadow People? What ...

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