S3E3: Publicist: Lara Vandenberg

03.01.2020 - By Next Generation Innovators Podcast

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Lara Vandenberg is the CEO & Founder of Publicist. While working in PR in New York, Lara saw an industry that was in need of a shake up and thought she was the woman to do it. Enter, Publicist, an online marketplace connecting premium PR and marketing talent with brands. Publicist is transforming the traditional PR model and delivering increased flexibility and efficiency to the industry. Lara shares her journey building Publicist from ideation through to development, investment and scale. To date Publicist has raised more than US$750,000 in funding. Lara has been named in both Forbes and B&T;’s 30 Under 30 lists, and she’s just getting started. See omnystudio.com/listener for privacy information.

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