Remembering Holidays Past: Episode 291

12.15.2020 - By The Mom Hour

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In our very own motherhood-inspired take on A Christmas Carol, Meagan and Sarah are visited by the ghost of holidays past for today’s episode. Join us as we peek in at our younger-mom selves by sharing moments and memories from years gone by. There are gift mishaps, angry pregnant lady meltdowns, Christmas tree disasters, and convenience store dinners–all shared to help you remember that no matter what goes down this month, someday it will be but a memory. Enjoy!

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Links we mentioned (or should have) in this episode:
Be sure to check out our blog, where Meagan is doing a 25 day holiday pep talk
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Meagan loved this version of A Christmas Carol growing up, and we both like the Muppets and Disney versions

Sarah’s hand-sewn first-Christmas-as-a-mom stockings.

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