Sis, Take a Breath with Kirsten Watson

04.14.2022 - By Pardon the Mess with Cynthia Yanof

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Not only is Kirsten Watson the mother of seven kids (yes, you read that correctly) and married to former NFL great Benjamin Watson, but today she’s our guest and you’re going to love her. Talk about a lady who knows how to get things done while also living purposefully in her faith—she’s the real deal.    Kirsten and I chat about raising kids in today’s culture, the truth behind youth sports, and why talking about diversity matters to every one of our families. I also really appreciated her words on slowing down, being purposeful in the moment, and taking some deep breaths while leaning into God’s word.    Her new book is Sis, Take a Breath and it’s a great word for all of us in the throes of raising kids, while just trying to keep our heads above water.    Resources from today's show:  Sis, Take a Breath Parent Prayer Challenge Otter B Hopeful Parent with Purpose - A Perfectly Imperfect Christian Parenting Digital Event

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