The Last Samurai with Dr. Brian Dirck

04.14.2021 - By Based on a True Story

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In 2003's The Last Samurai we learn the story of Captain Nathan Algren, an American soldier who travels to Japan to train the early Imperial Japanese Army to fight off a rebellion against the Emperor. How much of it actually happened? That's what we'll look at in this episode. Dr. Brian Dirck joins us again to separate fact from fiction in the film. Dr. Dirck is a Professor of History at Anderson University. Pick up some of Dr. Dirck's great books: The Black Heavens: Abraham Lincoln and Death Lincoln and the Constitution Lincoln the Lawyer   Did you enjoy this episode? You can find the transcript and show notes for this episode at: Support our sponsors: Or get ad-free content and exclusive bonus content by supporting the show directly: Get a peek at upcoming episodes with the email newsletter: Want a chance to be heard on the show? Leave a voicemail at +1 (405) 334-4672.

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