The Robot Brains Podcast

By Pieter Abbeel

What's The Robot Brains Podcast about?

In each episode of The Robot Brains podcast, renowned artificial intelligence researcher, professor and entrepreneur Pieter Abbeel meets the brilliant minds attempting to build robots with brains. Pieter is joined by leading experts in AI Robotics from all over the world as he explores how far humanity has come in its mission to create conscious computers, mindful machines and rational robots. Host: Pieter Abbeel | Executive Producers: Alice Patel & Henry Tobias Jones | Audio Production: Kieron Matthew Banerji | Title Music: Alejandro Del Pozo Hosted on Acast. See for more information.

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Jitendra Malik: Building AI...


Jitendra Malik, Professor of EECS at UC Berkeley discusses with host Pieter Abbeel building AI from the ground-up and sensorimotor before language. Subscribe to the Robot Brains Podcast today | Visit and follow us on YouTube at TheRobotBrainsPodcast and ...

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