Unshaken Saints

Unshaken Saints

By Jared Halverson

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What's Unshaken Saints about?

Seismic shifts in the religious and secular landscapes are destabilizing the faith of millions. Join religious educator Jared Halverson as he explores restored scripture, doctrine, history, and practice; examines patterns and pitfalls in navigating faith crisis; and wrestles with ways to make your faith unshaken.


Hello my friends, I’m Jared Halverson and this is Unshaken. I’ve spent my life studying the scriptures, my professional career teaching them, and my education at a Bible-belt divinity school exploring ways they have been used and abused, attacked and defended. And I’d like to share with you some of the things I’ve learned. In March of 2020 I created a YouTube channel called Unshaken, and six months later we hit our one millionth view, as people around the world are eagerly pursuing an unshaken faith in God by immersing themselves in His word. More and more viewers have been asking for an audio-only version of the lessons on Unshaken, and this podcast is my attempt to meet those needs. What it lacks in the visuals shown on YouTube, or the polished sound of a podcast-only production, it hopefully makes up for in its accessibility to the drivers, joggers, and multi-taskers out there who want to study their scriptures “on the go.” To you, welcome to our verse-by-verse, Come Follow Me study of the scriptures. I pray that it helps your faith in Christ become unshaken.


Disclaimer: The content of these podcasts is the sole responsibility of their creator and does not reflect the official position of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints or the Church Educational System.


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