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Voxology (Formerly the Vox Podcast with Mike Erre) is a collection of voices that question and discuss our culture's most relevant topics in relation to Christ and Christianity. We talk LGBTQ, American and church politics, Christian culture's catastrophic marginalization of the very people Jesus implores us to love and so much more. If you have serious questions about the church’s representation of Jesus, what he has done and the beauty of his work on earth today, join hosts Mike Erre and Tim Stafford and their guests to talk things out and find your way back to the true mission of Jesus.

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406 - Revelation Part Eight...


Revelation Part Eight: Empire's Gonna Empire. Some very important nuggets here for the contextual understanding of the book. Who were the seven churches? Why were they being written to exactly? Who are the competing gods? How does Augustus, "the illustrious ...

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