64 Walking Through an Addiction with Your Partner

05.05.2021 - By Couple Things with Shawn and Andrew

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This month on Couple Things, we are going to talk about topics that highlight Mental Health Awareness Month.
This week, we are talking about eating disorders, addiction, and walking through those things with a partner. Shawn talks about her story and struggles with her mental health and how she and Andrew walk through them together.

Here are a few topics that we cover:

Shawn's story

A turning point

Bringing an addiction into a relationship

The day to day with an eating disorder

Andrew and Shawn's first date

When Shawn started to get help

Understanding the core person that you're in a relationship with

Shawn's view of mental health

Trying to understand the addiction as the partner

Is addiction nature vs nurture?

Shawn facing it in the spotlight

How gymnastics is judged

Shawn's healing journey

The first time Shawn told Andrew

How you can walk with your partner through mental health struggles

Asking for help

How Shawn's addictions changed

Athletes and mental illness

Who should go to therapy?

If you are struggling with anything or want to talk to a therapist, please find the help that you need. Here are a few places to start:
Online Therapy with Betterhelp ▶ https://www.betterhelp.com/
Eating Disorder Helpline ▶ https://www.nationaleatingdisorders.org/help-support/contact-helpline
More resources with To Write Love on Her Arms ▶ https://twloha.com/find-help/
You are loved. You have a purpose. Thank you for being here.

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