#353: Why Telling Your Abuse Story is Complex, Courageous & Healing

03.08.2021 - By Java with Juli

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Every abuse story has unique layers of complexity and pain. The decision whether or not to tell someone else is often a difficult one. Grab your coffee, a comfy chair, and join this conversation with Tim Hein, author of the book Understanding Sexual Abuse (and a survivor himself), about the journey of recognizing your abuse and telling your story—and why the hearer’s job is to believe. Guest: Tim Hein Show Notes: Webinar Series: 3 Conversations to Help You Heal From Sexual Abuse Learn about MyCounselor.Online Understanding Sexual Abuse* (book) Understanding Sexual Abuse book review (by Juli) The Unmade Podcast   *This is an affiliate link. AI may earn referral fees from qualifying purchases.

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