Achieving Your Potential and Wellness as an Older Runner with Running Legend Amby Burfoot

01.12.2022 - By Run to the Top Podcast | The Ultimate Guide to Running

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Unlike runners in their 20s and 30s, older runners are often walking that tightrope between performance, potential and overall health and wellness.  Running is still a battle to perform your best, but we’re also running for our health and overall well-being. That's why we’re thrilled to have legendary runner and writer Amby Burfoot on our podcast to discuss the key ingredients to running happy, maximizing potential, and staying healthy as we get older. In this episode, we cover… What are the key ingredients to being a runner for life? Why do some runners “defy age” and what are their secrets? Once we realize that we can’t run/train the way we could when we were younger, what’s your advice for staying motivated? What are some of the most common mistakes runners make as they get older? What about nutrition needs for older runners? Does that need to change as well? These answers and much, much more from one of the most influential runners and writers of the last few decades. Connect, Comment, Community Follow RunnersConnect on Instagram Join the Elite Treatment where you get first dibs on everything RTTT each month! Runners Connect Winner's Circle Facebook Community  RunnersConnect Facebook page GET EXPERT COACHING AT RUNNERSCONNECT! This week’s show brought to you by: Magnesium Breakthrough from Bioptimizers.  Supplementing with magnesium before you go to bed has been shown in scientific studies to… Increase in muscle oxygenation during high intensity exercise Reduce inflammation  Significantly improve sleep quality Improve aerobic exercise capacity when training. When you’re looking for a magnesium supplement, make sure you take one that is organic and has all 7 unique forms of magnesium.  My recommendation is Magnesium Breakthrough from Bioptimizers because it’s made with the highest quality, organic magnesium and contains all 7 critical forms. Most other magnesium supplements are synthetic and only contain one or two forms of magnesium, which is simply not enough. For an exclusive offer go to and use code run10 to save 10% when you try Magnesium Breakthrough. Plus, they offer a full refund up to one year after your purchase, no questions asked.

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